Why use us ?

There are many business brokers in the market right now and when it comes down to selling or buying, you have to pick right business broker to assist you to sell or buy at right price.  Here is the few reasons why you needs to use us.

Peace of mind:  Before we sell you business, we research your business and help you to get ready for sale.  That include advise you on pricing of your business,  interview your potential buyer for qualification so you don't waste your time talking to no one, negotiate on your behalf once interest and qualified buyer is found.  We do everything necessary for smooth transaction.  We also do all these with no fee at all until business is sold.

Negotiate:  Every time you contact a buyer directly yourself, you are weakening your negotiating power.  You needs third party who is professional and experience to act as intermediary.  Because most buyer's have professionals, (relative, lawer, CPA, ) who give them 2nd or 3rd opinions.  

Our Network:  We have helped hundreds of business owner to sell and we know that key in selling business is showing to the right person.  More buyer you have give you possible higher price for your business.  At no cost to you, we advertise and use our network to promote your business for sale so that we might be able to sell at your target price.  It takes a great deal of time to talk with curious seeker, tire kickers and properly handling serious buyers.  We do that for you so you can spend your time running your business. 

Confidentiality:  When selling your business, it needs to be confidential because you don't want your employees, vendor, or competitors  to find out for many reasons.  We never disclose the name or location of your business until potential buyer submit us NDA (non disclosure agreement) form to see if they are serious buyer so that they don't waste you or our time. 

Experience:  We know how to structure transactions to minimize the chance of a problem.  We follow up with a buyer after they have seen your business, pointing out benefits of making an offer.  Once buyer decided to make an offer, we prepare the offer using the appropriate documents and clauses.  We will counsel with you on your options of accepting, countering, or rejecting the offer with our opinion. 



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